Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Warm Potato Salad with Bacon

Made this for a barbeque this past weekend. Damn. This is really, really good and really easy.

From the July issue of Gourmet: Warm Potato Salad with Bacon

When I was at the store, I was thinking of another recipe and I picked up Yukon Gold potatoes. I probably would have done that anyway, though. So, if you do that, the result is yellow instead of the white shown in the picture here. Also, I did not peel the potatoes. I actually never do that anymore.

Also, I used Oscar Mayer thick-cut bacon just for the hartiness. I don' t think that I have cooked bacon in years and was probably no good at it then. So, I burned the first batch pretty hard. As Special Agent Dale Cooper would have said, "Carbonized."

I don't understand why the potatos are chopped after boiling, rather than before. It did make it a bit more difficult when boiling, as the different sizes were odne at different times. Next time, I'll definitely cut into chunks first, like I do for mashed. Another issue was that I didn't make the pieces small enough, so the larger chunks didn't get as much seasoning as I would have liked.

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