Sunday, August 12, 2007

Veal Rolls Stuffed with Spinach and Gruyere

This recipe was the foundation of the meal. I'm not sure what it was the appealled so strongly to me when I saw it in Gourmet. It may have been the presentation, but possibly it was just my love of all things spinach and cheese. Of course, the fact that it was a clear win for serving to Channing didn't hurt.

I honestly don't know if I've ever cooked veal in my life. My mom was one of those that dropped it when she read the first reports in the 70's or 80's about the ranch practices. So, there's a little bit of guilt. Obviuosly, not enough.

You would be really suprised at how hard it is to find veal in Chicago. Heck, I was suprised to find that my local Jewel didn't even have a butcher on site. I think I'd heard that they were being phased out as a cost measure, but hadn't ever seen it implemented. Edgewater Produce has a meat counter, but no veal either. So I had to go to Whole Foods. Not really a bad move, I just wish I'd thought of it more than 120 minutes before serving. I've consistantly found their meat department very helpful. I do want to give the Paulina Meat Market more of my business, but they don't have parking and I was in a time crunch.

These went over great, though I think that I may have overdone them a bit. I think also that the warning about keeping the cheese away from the edges of the veal cutlets before rolling them was dead-on. Making the sauce was complicated a bit with the chunks of cooked cheese that had slipped out.

In flipping through the Food Lover's Dictionary, I found that this was actually a roulade, a stuffed meat roll.

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