Friday, January 18, 2008

Panko Cilantro Chicken

This dish had been sitting on my to-do list for a long time, ever since the Trib article on chicken breast recipes came out. But I never managed to have fresh chicken and fresh cilantro at home at the same time whenever I thought of it.

I finally made a concerted effort to get this done. As I was getting really, really hungry, I skipped the sauce.

They came out really tasty, but more because they are essentially fried chicken. I couldn't taste the cilantro much (though the green looked really nice). The preparation was similar to the Poulet Saute' Chasseur, except there is a three step coating process (flour, egg, panko/cilantro) to prepping the chicken instead of just one. In that sense, it was like the Chicharrones De Pollo (which I totally need to make again) and the dredging wasn't nearly as messy.

While the results tasted good, I had the sense that I used too much oil. Next time, I'm going to try raising the heat so that the chicken cooks faster and less is absorbed into the crust. And I need to make the sauce.

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