Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Busy Night - Updates

Tonight, I slammed out five items in an hour. That's what practice buys you. Those kind of sessions are still rare, but happening more often now. The items included:

  • Raspberry Coulis - for the Panna Cotta. I made the custard the night before, but my raspberries were still frozen then.

  • Turkey Keema Mater - Do-over - I made it right this time, with cumin seed instead of fennel. It's a lot, lot better.
  • Spiced Rice - Yes, it was definitely a bad batch of rice before. This is the second batch I've made the basmati I bought in December and it came out perfect. I'm throwing out the rest of that first one.

  • Broiled Chicken Breast - No challenge here, of course, but time was eaten by prepping and seasoning the breasts. I am liking how the breasts I bought at Costco require a little less trimming than Jewel's.

  • Channing's Dinner - Okay, this barely counts. I threw cold pasta in a bowl with some of the homemade tomato sauce, nuked it for 1.5 minutes, tossed in a large-diced broiled chicken breast and sprinkled some parmesan. But while I was juggling the other stuff...


mary said...

While not on topic for this entry, both Ron and I really loved the made-from-scratch chocolate cake for Channing's birthday. Absolutely delicious, it would make a great future blog entry.

Hal Shipman said...

I finally got around to posting that. The direct link is here: Old Fashioned Chocolate Layer Cake.