Monday, September 3, 2007


Ever since a certain episode of Martha Stewart's The Apprentice, I've wondered about making my own vinaigrette. She made a really big deal about how she always made her own salad dressing from scratch (while product placing/endorsing Wish-Bone. Go figure). That stuck with me, for some reason. Our friend Marsha had also given us a really nice olive oil from City Olive as a house-warming present.

So, I grabbed my Essentials of Cooking and looked at what mustards we had in the fridge. We had a nice Cracked Pepper Lemon & Thyme mustard from Terrapin Ridge, which went with the other herbed courses of the meal. I didn't know how much mustard to use, so I winged it. Honestly, this book is starting to piss me off for it's lack of specific measurements. The only guidence was 1 part vinegar to 3 parts oil and beat the mustard and vinegar together before adding the oil. Thank God, I guessed right with 1 tbl mustard, 1 tbl white wine vinegar and 3 tbl olive oil. It tasted a little strong by itself, but just right on a mixed greens salad.

So, Martha wins. It was really, really good and I'll be making my own dressings going forward. Not that I ever bought Wish-Bone anyway.

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