Monday, September 3, 2007

Peach Raspberry Pie

Another cultural touchstone/random memory here. Many years (12?) ago, I went to San Francisco with a dirtbag I was dating and we went to a comedy club/cafe in the Castro area. I honestly wish I could remember more about the venue and the act because they were awesome. I remember practically suffocating from laughter as the performers (two british women, I think) were teaching an audience member how to act like a soccer hooligan.

Anyway, they had a peach raspberry pie in the pastry case that looked amazing. I think the memory sticks precisely because I didn't have any, being very full from dinner before. Unfulfilled desire and all that, I guess. Anyway, it seemed like it'd be awfully tasty. I never got the guts to try making it, thanks to my crust-phobia, but this seemed like a good opportunity. On top of that, my Joy of Cooking had an explicit recipe for it, a modification to their stock Peach Pie recipe. It's like fate was demanding that I make the pie.

Have to say, this turned out pretty well. I had a couple of minor missteps: I missed one of the instructions in the Raspberry modification, to reduce the sugar and lemon juice and the peaches were a bit under-ripe.

So, the result was a little tart and sour. Not much and it was still a very tasty pie. It just wasn't bursting with sweetness like I was hoping.


r k said...

There must be something in the air inspiring people to make this pie - maybe because it's a little more autumnal than a straight up peach pie.

Check mine out here.

And don't be scared to make pie crust - it's not at all hard to make! See my pluot galette recipe for a simple pie crust.

Hal Shipman said...

That's what I get for not publishing everything in the right order, nor realizing that anyone is actually reading this blog. I did actually address my crust-phobia and it went very, very well. That post is now active, thanks to your unknowing nudge. Now that I have some confidence, I'll check out your recipe as well.