Monday, September 3, 2007

Corn Pudding with Basil

I bought a bunch of sweet corn at the Farmer's Market, but my usual tactic of roasted corn wasn't going to work well with the menu - too "grilly" for a more formal dinner. I found this recipe which really hit the mark on a few fronts. It offered a different kind of starch (getting tired of potatoes), it provided a use of some of the huge amounts of basil I have growing on the back deck and it was an opportunity to practice more knife skills, cutting kernals from the cob. Oh, and it was yellow. Nice for the plate.

This was definitely a winner. It was the one thing that everyone at the table completely finished. Also, it looked just like this picture (from the magazine).

I think I've read about methods to get the "hairs" off better when shucking corn, but I couldn't remember it at the time. That was kind of a pain. It was really good knife practice, slicing deep enough to get most of the kernal without kitting the cob.

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Hal Shipman said...

Sigh. Yes, I know, it's called cornsilk, not "the hairs." I really wonder how I get through the crossword some days...