Monday, September 17, 2007

Do Over: Those Damned Muffins

Sometimes, you cook things because you don't want food to go to waste. I saw that I still had about a pint of fresh blueberries left that probably didn't have much time left. So, it was muffin time again. There was just under the 4 cups I needed, so I extended it with some some raspberries.

I used the Foster's Market recipe again and I was very careful on my mixing and baking time. Regardless, I got very similar results to the last time. They are still a little tough for my taste, so it wasn't a function of over-mixing (which I assume creates extra gluten or something). It may just be the recipe. I did use jumbo-sized eggs, so I'll switch back to large for that. I'm guessing a third recipe may be in order.

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