Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Murgh Saag (Indian Chicken with Spinach or Broccoli)

I had been somewhat curious about this recipe from Razzaq's Indian Lowfat Cooking for a while, but have never made it before. I'm not really sure why, as it uses two of the healthy things that I actually like to eat - chicken breast and spinach or broccoli (I say two, rather than three, because presumably, you'd only be using one or the other of the vegetables).

This definitely needs to become a regular menu item as it's really straight-forward, easy and extremely tasty.

In digging though my spices, I did notice that I have several jars of curry powder that I have not touched in literally years. Yet I've been cooking Indian a lot. I can only assume that these are spice blends that I'm basically making from scratch with each dish and the recipes I'm using are not geared for the American audience that the curry powder is. I have to read up more on that.

I think this means that I should throw them away. Not only are they too old, but they're taking up space in my cabinet while being unlikely to ever be used. I've read about throwing out old spices, but I can never bring myself to do that. If I suspect that something has lost its punch, I'll usually double it for a recipe and then adjust to taste during cooking as well. Maybe I need to just suck it up and start pitching...

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