Friday, April 4, 2008

Linguine Avgolemono with Artichoke Hearts and Green Beans

I've been meaning to try starting with ingredients and then working towards a dish, like a restaurant does with specials or, well, Top Chef, rather than the other way around like I have been doing.

I had artichoke hearts, green beans and chicken breasts in the fridge. And, I know, these aren't a particular challenge, but I wanted something just a bit different. I put that list into Epicurious' search tool on their home page and found this. Not only was it really easy, it involved a new sauce, which was perfect - giving me a little bit of learning there.

I broiled some chicken breasts and tossed them into the individual bowls afterwards, as I was concerned I wouldn't have enough sauce if put them in with the other ingredients.

It's a definite winner. Channing actually ate all of the vegetables. Not that he enjoyed them much, but it's something.

I was extremely literal with this recipe - possibly more so than usual on the first iteration. I even went as far as to weigh everything with the scale (I usually estimate). The only change I would make next time will be to take it off the stove when the sauce is a bit less done, as it continues to thicken up for a few minutes afterwards. I think, also, that I could increase the sauce and incorporate the cooked chicken in the same toss as the rest of the dish.

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