Friday, May 2, 2008


I've never been great at these, which I considered to be somewhat of a failure of legacy on my part. Back in the seventies, my dad saw an episode of Julia Child's show and, it not being the internet, he took meticulous notes on an episode about making omelettes. I have no idea why this caught his attention, as he otherwise didn't do much of the cooking.* I need to ask him about that.

Anyway, omelettes, specifically chili cheese omelettes became his thing. He was really good at them. He could crank them out flawlessly over a Coleman single burner camp stove, even.

I've never been great at them. More often than not, I would just have have to give up and make them into "egg scrambles" or migas (if you have tortilla chips to throw in). I've come to understand that it's a mark of how well you understand your pan and how heat works. So, there's a gap.

On top of that, we recieved an omelette pan for our wedding, from my mother, I believe. I've never been able to get it to work right - being Calphalon One, it's supposed to be non-stick, but I've always had a problem with it. Eggs stick all the time in it. I vowed that I would defeat this pan and get it to work right. Yes, I have grudges against inanimate objects.

I've also been trying to eat better, including a solid, healthy breakfast in the morning. Egg Beaters omelettes were an obvious direction. I fill these with a serving of the Morningstar Farms Sausage flavored crumbles which are amazing. Perfectly seasoned for my taste.

So, I've been trying this for a week and, by the end, I started getting pretty good. A little Pam on the pan and keeping the temperature at a medium-high seems to work pretty well. I'm practicing the flipping and am starting to get the feel for it. I had a back-slide one day, where I left the pan on the heat too long before I started and, of course, everything stuck. Big mess. But for the most part, the right direction.

* Though years later, he got to be quite handy around the kitchen.

Update: The Costco version of Egg Beaters, Egg Starts, are noticably weaker in regards to quality. Overall, they're tougher than Egg Beaters. Tolerable, but as soon as I use them up, back to the name brand.

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