Friday, February 8, 2008

Toll House Cookies

For God's sake. Who the hell can screw up these? Even little kids make these.

Me, apparently.

Channing wanted some and I had a lot of chips, etc. leftover from when I didn't get around to baking them this Christmas. So, I was going to make two batches. Among the wealth of chips, I had an orphaned half-bag and only five eggs in the house, so to get rid of them, I decided to make one batch half again as large.

I had everything laid out: two bowls of the dry ingredients and the sugars, all carefully measured out; softened butter and eggs. And then things went to hell. Channing started watching the Daily Show and even the half-listening I was doing was enough to compeltely distract me.

So I don't realize until I'm completely done with the first, normal-sized batch, that I had grabbed the wrong plate of butter and put in 3 sticks of butter instead of 2.

Then, when both batches were finished, wrapped and put in the refrigerator, I looked over at the counter and saw the complete carton of eggs. I totally forgot to add those. So, I put the dough back into the mixer and added the eggs. Now, I realize that there was a missed opportunity to try to fix the extra butter then, by adding in the extra ingredients and maybe fix the proportions. I have no idea how they're going to turn out, but I'm betting not so good.

Even without that debacle, though, I think I'm giving up on using the mixer with cookies. In the days when I used to use a wooden spoon, these were the hands-down best Toll House you've ever had. Nowadays? Kinda generic. The biggest different is the density. I definitely like a denser cookie and I think my friends agree. I haven't gotten the raves that I used to.

Update: Huh. The one with just the eggs missing turned out just fine with adding the eggs late. Who'd of thought? Still need to try the ones with the extra butter.

Update 2: Just fine with the extra butter, too. Guess you really can't mess these up, in the end.


anita said...

Everyone has days like that. My thing is forgetting salt. My mom once made a peach pie without sugar. Yech!

Amy said...

For cookies in general: If you use your mixer for the sugar(s) and butter, and mix for at least a minute, you'll find that the sugar blends much better and the taste is much more subtle. Then mix the dry ingredients in by mixer or by hand, whatever your preference (or arm strength)...Also, Maida Heatter has the best recipe for Choc. Chip cookies. I forget what she does that's different, but it's something small that works.

Amy said...

My favorite screw-up was a pie that I made for my friend's birthday. I put a candle in it, forgetting that the pie was still hot. The candle melted, and she had to throw away the entire center of my wonderful black raspberry pie!